Past events programmes

The last meeting of the entire network was held online on 21.06.2022, 10 am to 3 pm.

Topics were:

- Introduction to the new DFG funding line VIGO (
- Break-out sessions on the topics: CCC Portal; planning of an international information and network meeting; decolonising the GND; Third-party funding for the archive guide to the German Colonial Past; ideas and overview on third party funding applications


A (virtual) meeting with colleagues from Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. took place on 24 February 2022. We would like to thank them for the exchange on Wikimedia's activities in the field of colonial contexts.


In November 2021, the last (virtual) event in a series of workshops took place - organised by the network's International Cooperation WG - to present and discuss collaborative digitisation projects. Abstracts of the events you find here.

Shared experiences of working with databases for shared history
Friday, November 12, 12.00-12.15 am East African Time / 10.00-11.15 am Berlin time / 8.00-9.15 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time / 5.00-6.15 pm Australian Western Standard Time

Chair: Paul Turnbull (University of Tasmania); Isabelle Reimann (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

Repatriation in Australia: the lessons learned, the work yet to be done
Friday, October 29, 4.00-5.15 pm Australian Western Standard Time / 7.00-8.15 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time / 10.00-11.15 am Berlin time

First Session
Speakers: Michael Pickering (National Museum of Australia), Lyndon Ormond-Parker (Cultural Heritage Expert with Alyawarra decent, a.o. Honorary Senior Lecturer at Australian National University)
Chair: Paul Turnbull (University of Tasmania)

Second Session
Speakers: Leah Umbagai (Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation); Kim Doohan (independent consultant anthropologist)
Chairs: Richard Kuba (Frobenius-Institute); Martin Porr (University of Western Australia)

The Global Database of Kenyan Objects of the International Inventories Programme (IIP)
Friday, October 1, 11.00-12.15 am East African Time / 10.00-11.15 am Berlin time

Speakers: Juma Ondeng (Principal Curator at the regional museum in western Kenya, Kitale Museum - National Museums of Kenya, founding member of the IIP); Jim Chuchu (Director of The Nest Collective, member of the IIP)
Chair: Larissa Förster (German Lost Art Foundation)

Connect – Comprehend – Communicate. The „Amazonas future lab“
Friday, September 17, 11.00-12.15 am East African Time/ 10.00-11.15 am Berlin time

Speakers: Andrea Scholz (Ethnologisches Museum Berlin); Thiago da Costa Oliveira (Ethnologisches Museum Berlin); Fidel Thomet (FH Potsdam)
Chair: Katja Kaiser (Museum of Natural History Berlin)