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Free access to online resources which are subject to license: e-journals, e-books, databases. Registration required.

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About FID Licences

The FID Social and Cultural Anthropology provides online access to selected electronic resources for members of the two major societies - the German Society for Folklore (dgv) and the German Anthropological Association (GAA)- and, to a limited extent, for interested researchers from other disciplines. You must register in order to use this service.

Under ‘Products’ you will find an overview of the licenced resources.

The resources are made available in co-operation with the Competence Centre for Licensing (KfL). The offers were selected and negotiated in consultation with ethnological libraries and the academic advisory board of the FID.


You can start the registration process under ‘Registration’. First select the ‘First-time registration’ and then the registration as an ‘individual user’ to register. During the registration process you must assign yourself to one of the three groups - dgv, GAA, free users. Your registration must be approved by the professional societies - membership must be confirmed - for free users by the FID Social and Cultural Anthropology. Therefore, it may take up to two weeks before you receive final notification and your login details. In addition to members of the specialist societies, researchers at German institutions or who are residents in Germany are eligible. If necessary, proof of residence or institutional affiliation must be provided.

Once you have received your login data, you only need to select ‘Login’ under ‘Registration’ in future. Registration must be renewed annually.


If you have any questions, please contact the FID: