EthnOA - Open Access Publication Server for Ethnology

Publish free of charge: Submit your work as a first or second publication.


You can find introductory information on Open Access and various ways of implementing it here.

A special section for texts from the anthropological disciplines is being set up on the HU Berlin’s Open Access publication server (edoc server): EthnOA. There, scientifically relevant online documents can be permanently saved and made available free of charge.

Unlike on proprietary platforms such as or ResearchGate, the publications archived on EthnOA are given a persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which means they can be permanently and unambiguously referenced and are listed in the EVIFA search engine, in the HU library catalogue and in comprehensive search engines such as BASE. EthnOA is part of the DINI-certified HU-edoc server, which has been established in 1998, and is therefore also very well recorded and ranked in search engines such as Google.

New texts can be published on the publication server (Golden Path), as well as publications can be republished within the framework of ‘the right of secondary publication’ (Green Path). The documents are published under a Creative Commons Licence.

This service is primarily for researchers, whose home institution is unable to provide an appropriate repository, as well as for researchers, who are not institutionally affiliated but would nevertheless like to make their research results available to a broad specialist public. Documents published on the EthnOA publication server should correspond to the collection policy of the FID Social and Cultural Anthropology in terms of both - content and form.

If you are planning a publication in anthropological disciplines and wish to record it on the HU publication server, please proceed as follows:

  • Check whether you have the obligatory rights to publish the work on EthnOA; in the case of secondary publications, submit to us the consent of the publishers and other rights holders, if necessary.
  • Fill out our publication contract (in German) and send it to us signed (scanned if you like). Make clear statements about the writings you would like to publish via EthnOA. Decide on a Creative Commons Licence under which you would like to place your writings.
  • Provide us with descriptive metadata (bibliographic information, keywords, abstracts if applicable, language of the work) for your documents.
  • We accept the following formats for your documents, provided you have the appropriate copyrights and rights of use: PDF, Html.

Here you can download the publication contract:

Publication contract (available in German only)
Author agreement (available in German only)


If you have any questions, please contact:

Matthias Harbeck
Project Manager of the Specialised Information Service for Social and Cultural Anthropology (FID SKA)

Phone: +49 30 2093-99223

Further information

You can find detailed information in the anthropological disciplines, for example, references to debate subjects of to OA journals, on Open Access, the information platform. The platform also offers compact, target-group-specific introductions to the topic, brings together news and events, and provides support for the implementation of Open Access.