The WAU 2024 "Reimagining Anthropological Knowledge: Perspectives, Practices, and Power" will be happening in Johannesburg, South Africa (11.11. - 15.11.) this year. Several open calls and the already accepted panels can be found on the website.


  • Topic Conference | MeetingWORLD ANTHROPOLOGICAL UNION CONGRESS 2024​
  • When to (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Where Johannesburg South Africa
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Call for Papers

Deadline: 13th May 2024


Before proposing a paper, please read the conference theme, the rules below, and then browse the list of panels. 

  • Panels conveners have specified in person/online only or a hybrid mode when proposing their panels, and this cannot be changed: you should pay attention to the mode of the session you are proposing to before you submit your proposal.
  • For panels that indicate they will accept presentations in other languages the presenters must provide detailed slides in English when presenting.
  • Proposals will be marked as pending until the end of the Call for Papers.
  • Panel convenors will then be asked to make their decisions over the papers proposed to their panel and to communicate those to the proposers, marking them up within the login environment.
  • Papers which are neither accepted nor rejected but marked for ‘transfer’ (by the panel convenors), will be given the opportunity to be re-housed into other panels or open panels.
  • The conference organisers will contact authors of such proposals asking them to modify their abstracts to fit another panel of their choosing. We will advise as to panels containing fewer than the allowed maximum which are thus able to include a few more papers.
  • The Congress is also running a call for individual papers in order to accommodate papers which may be of academic merit, but do not thematically fit into any of the existing panels.
  • Once the call has closed, the scientific committee will evaluate the individual papers. After this, they will be grouped into panels of four or five presenters and scheduled alongside other panels. 


Paper proposals must contain:

  • Panel No or Individual Paper
  • Presenter(s)
  • ORCID id
  • Email
  • Affiliation 
  • Title
  • Short abstract (maximum 75 words)
  • A long abstract stating the subject and objectives of the proposal, highlighting its academic or practical relevance to the anthropological sciences (maximum 300 words).
  • Three to five keywords.
  • If a hybrid panel or individual paper indicate whether you will attend in person or online.