International Conference on Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change 2020

The Edumeet Conference is a space-time to share transferable experiences that could allow us to rethink the future of education and the university, imaging a new contract and agenda with the world.

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  • Topic Conference | MeetingInternational Conference on Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change 2020
  • When (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Where UPM Madrid
  • Sign up till Oct 01, 2020
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We believe that many present realities (scientific, sociocultural, technological, business, etc.) imply valuable conditions and keys to improve the learning contexts to come, and that these useful experiences can be transferable. We propose four lines of research for Edumeet:
1. Teaching-learning methodologies. What trends, tools, agencies and contexts anticipate the future of education?
2. Transfers the real. What experiences outside of education can be crucial to positive change in university?
3. Hybrid reality. What kind of new strategies dealing with on-site / online life can empower education?
4. Revolutions from / to the University. How is it possible to produce social impact from the academy (ecological or technosocial)? How can we build a renewed contract between the university and the world?

Open call for papers / projects until October 1st (abstracts) / until November 10th (full papers). A hybrid virtual-real event at UPM Madrid on December 4th, 2020. Organized by the DPA ETSAM, with the support of UPM, Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, and other institutions.

Participate and invite potential researchers or projects to take part. Thank you