Call for Papers

For the Mid-Term Meeting of the DGSKA (@SozKultAnthro) working group Anthropology of religion (AG Religionsethnologie), 13-14 October 2022 @UniKonstanz; submission of abstracts until 31 July 2022


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Call for Papers

Mid-Term Meeting DGSKA AG Religionsethnologie

13-14 October 2022, University of Konstanz

We are delighted to invite contributions for our upcoming Mid-Term Meeting (making up for not seeing each other at the biennial conference of the German Anthropological Association) in 2021. This is a network event within and beyond the working group to enable us to connect with each other, share our research and feedback, and develop possible collaborations.

TOPIC 1 Religion and Politics

Religion and politics are deeply interrelated on local, regional, national and transnational levels. In this meeting, we want to explore what anthropology can contribute to the study of contemporary entanglements of religion and politics in different geographical areas. How is religion used to justify actions on national or international platforms? How do state authorities and religious actors challenge and benefit from each other? These are just some of the many questions raised by the entanglement of religion and politics. Throughout the sessions, we will explore what we can learn about the categories both of 'religion' as well as 'politics' and their difficult analytical distinctions. We explicitly invite different anthropological approaches, from visual to material anthropology, in engaging with these themes.

TOPIC 2 Religion and Diaspora

Migration and other major social changes cause more and more people to live in heterogeneous environments. Among others, this also pertains to religious affiliation.. In this meeting, we want to explore what anthropology can contribute to the study of the relationship between religion and diaspora. How is religious diversity managed by nation-states? What are the relations between religious actors across borders? How do religious diasporas transform their home and host societies? How do religious diasporas shape religion? We welcome contributions along these and related themes to explore the interplay between religion and diaspora. As above, we invite different anthropological approaches to this theme.


We would like to structure our discussions around the two themes outlined above on Day 1, and give everyone else in the network whose work does not relate to these themes a chance to present their research to us on Day 2 of the meeting (we will attempt to group similarly themed papers together).


If you would like to participate, please submit the title of your paper and a 300-word abstract, as well as a brief biography to lena.rose(at) or tobias.koellner(at) by 31 July 2022You do not need to be a member of the working group Religionsethnologie or the DGSKA to participate.

Please note, the event will be held in person, but if necessary we will enable a hybrid format. Moreover, we suggest communication in English to ensure that everyone can participate. If necessary, however, some panels or presentations may also be held in German.

CONTACT: Lena Rose (lena.rose(at) or Tobias Köllner (tobias.koellner(at)