RUSTlab Lectures

University Bochum invites to their online RUSTlab Lectures "Data: What are they? What do they do?", summer term 2021

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Data: What are they? What do they do?

Ruhr Universität Bochum
Faculty of Social Science Cultural Psychology and Anthropology of Knowledge
RUSTlab Lectures
All lectures will be live on ZOOM on Fridays from 9:00-10:00 am UTC+2 (convert time).
ID: 998 8663 5576
PW: raum4?

In STS data are widely understood as relational. This means, with regard to Loukissas 2018, we aim to discuss data in their situated embedding in tables, books, libraries, organisations, conversations, everyday practices, exercises or emotions, just to name a few. Data also have agencies, consequences, effects and abilities to create relations and to circulate as suggested by Leonelli 2016. So how do data intervene into human relations? When do they work as boundary objects and bring different people and practices together? When do they discriminate and excerpt power? When do they emancipate and empower? As Leigh Star (1999) taught us, we also want to seek out the sites silenced by data and excluded from engagements with data: What are data in poetry interpretation, or in everyday discussions at tea time? Who are granted the right to determine what counts as data? And data themselves: are they strong or fragile? Can data break down? How are data curated and cared for? These are the questions we want to discuss in the upcoming lectures.
Download this PDF with a detailed description of the summer 2021 guiding theme.


List of the speakers for the summer term 2021:

14.05 Anne Luther (Philadelphia): 
Digital Benin: Connecting Museum Data

11.06 Kevin Hall (Marburg): 
Underwhelming, Overwhelming, Useful? An ethnographic approach to digital contact tracing via smartphone apps

18.06 Simon Rothöhler, Florian Sprenger & Estrid Sørensen (Bochum): 
Infrastructuring virtual lifeworlds: Archives, Data Centres and Autonomous Mobility

02.07 Julie Mewes & Ingmar Lippert (Bochum & Cottbus/Copenhagen): 
Data, Methods and Writing: Methodographies of STS Ethnographic Collaboration in Practice

16.07* Carsten Østerlund (Syracuse): 
Tracing Hyperlinks: Different forms of presence and knowledge production in an online citizen science community (*Date changed)

For more information, see poster, description and website.