VANDA 2024

Call for Papers for the 4th Vienna Anthropology Days 2024 (VANDA), September 23 - September 26, 2024. Deadline: 01. June 2024



4th Vienna Anthropology Days 2024, Call for Papers


For the VANDA Call for Papers submit a descriptive abstract of your on-site or online presentation in English that should not exceed 300 words. You can choose from the workshops below. To view the workshop abstract click on the workshop title. Click on the button below to register, choose the workshop, and enter your paper abstract. Deadline for submission is June 1st, 2024.

The submissions will be evaluated by the respective workshop organizers until mid-June. If you have any questions about the content or internal organization of the workshop, please contact the workshop organizer directly, you will find the names and contact email above the abstract.


Paper Submission



Regular Conference

  • 01. Anthropology in the Postcolonial Era in the Middle East and North Africa: reality and challenges
  • 02. Charismatic Islam from the Middle Ages Onwards: Anthropology of Grace in the Studies of Historical Sunnism
  • 03. Anthropology, loneliness and food practices. Contemporary theories and ethnographies
  • 04. AI and “The House of One’s Dreams”
  • 05. Artefacts for the Dead: Interdisciplinary Explorations
  • 06. Anthropology of Creativity – East Asia through the Lens of Artistic and Everyday Creative Practices
  • 07. Hard to Digest. Ethnographic Research on Agrifood Systems in the Age of Polycrisis
  • 08. Transition in Health
  • 09. More-than-text, less-than-? Reflections on Multimodality in Mobility and Migration Studies
  • 10. Everyday Activism and Citizenship from Below: Responses to EU Border and Migration Regimes
  • 11. Communities, Digitalisation and its Challenges: Perspectives from South Asian countries
  • 12. Stories, Sounds and Sentiments - Exploring ‚Relational Aesthetics‘ of Social Worlds
  • 13. Innovative ways of approaching prehistoric rock depictions
  • 14. Digital Ethnography in Post-Pandemic Times: Reflections, Implications, and Innovations
  • 15. From “Frontier Orientalism” to Anti-Occidentalism: How Does Populism in East Central Europe Engage with Colonial Past?
  • 16. Ecologies of Conflict: Exploring the Nexus of Violence, Environment, and [More than] Human Relations
  • 17. Tracing Legal Artifacts in Contexts of Violence
  • 18. Digital narratives: Exploring digital dimensions of shared experiences and collective memory
  • 19. Building Tomorrow: Exploring Infrastructures and Futurities
  • 20. Towards an anthropology of honour: Theory, praxis and practice of honour crimes
  • 21. Transitional justice and (il)liberal peacebuilding – Ethnographic perspectives
  • 22. Arctic Sustainability Revisited: Mixing Methods to Study Communities in Transition
  • 23. Museums, Ethnographic Collections and Indígenous People: Repatriation, Problems and Perspectives
  • 24. The Epistemic Erasure of Palestine in Austrian Academia
  • 25. History of an Opening and Handling of a Closure: Possible Ways of Social Anthropological Research on Russia Today
  • 26. Ecomusicology, Nature and Extractivism in Africa
  • 27. Education and language as socio-cultural capital in contexts of migration
  • 28. Going digital and ‘the politics of visual representation’- questions, pitfalls, promises
  • 29. Anthropology and climate change: The potentials and pitfalls of Anthropocene engagements
  • 30. "Which way we ought to go from here?" Reflections on current trends in Russian anthropology
  • 31. Making Sense of Climate Change in Context of Individual Ageing: Linking Local Experiences to Global Issues.
  • 32. Informal economy and migrant workforce in cities: Assessing Risk, Insecurity and Vulnerability among the urban poor in Post-Pandemic world
  • 33. In the Midst of Messiness: Emotional and Ethical Challenges in Conflict Zone Ethnography
  • 34. Back in the closet? Doing ethnographic fieldwork as a queer person
  • 35. Dialogue and participation: a multivocal representation of women
  • 42. Decolonising and sharing ethnographic materials

Young Scholar's Forum

  • 36. Re-Search?! Critical reflections on the co-creation of knowledge in participatory research projects
  • 37. I’m still standing: Creating a safe space for an exchange about sexist and other discriminatory experiences in our discipline
  • 38. Suicide, exploitation, and pleasure in the cultural uses of self-inflicted bodily harm. Ethnographies and contemporary theories.
  • 39. Images as Evidence (of what)? The Body at the Intersection of Science and Art
  • 40. (De-/Post-)Coloniality in Anthropology
  • 41. Culinary Duress: Multimodal explorations of imperialism, colonialism, and racial capitalism

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NIG, University of Vienna
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