Urban Anthropology Unbound

Call for book proposals on ethnographic-based knowledge about "Urban Anthropology Unbound", the new Berghahn Book Series; deadline 15 September 2021



Urban Anthropology Unbound

Berghahn Book Series

Series Editor:
Aylin Tschoepe, University of Basel

Editorial Board:
Ferne Edwards, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Carolin Genz, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Lukas Ley, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

Urban spaces are centers for human and non-human activity, and agents entangled in networks both material and immaterial, real and imagined. Urban Anthropology Unbound unpacks the usual assumptions of an anthropology of urban life and how to understand past, present, and possible urban futures. It promotes urban ethnography as a grounded, interdisciplinary methodology to study spatial phenomena as they interface with social and cultural ones and offers ways to understand, interpret, make, and practice urban lifeworlds. This series seeks ethnographic-based knowledge, with a particular interest in the unconventional, as well as sensory explorations and beyond.

Proposals should include the following:

  • The proposed title 
  • An abstract of 750-1000 words that outlines the context, rationale, coherence and contribution of the (edited) book
  • Tentative table of contents, titles and approx. 150 word abstracts for each chapter 
  • An indication of state of completion of the draft at the date of proposal
  • Tentative word count
  • For monographs: the name, contact details and position(s) of the author
  • For edited volumes: the name(s), contact details and position(s) of the guest editor(s) and all authors

Proposals should be sent no later than September 15, 2021 as one PDF via email to: urbananthropologyunbound(at)gmail.com (Reference: UAU Proposal 2021).

The editorial team intends to get back to you by November 2021 to invite selected author/ guest editors to submit a full manuscript for peer review. The manuscript length is approx. 120,000 words, inclusive of notes, references, introductions and afterword. Multimodal formats are welcome. In the following, the team would reach out to discuss the review and publication schedule for the selected book projects.

The editorial team looks forward to receiving your proposals and is invested in fostering a diversity of perspectives on the subject matter! 

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