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Call for Editiors: The Indiana University Press invites applications from potential editors, coeditors, or editorial teams for Museum Anthropology Review’s editorial office; deadline 30 September 2021



A Call for Editors
Museum Anthropology Review

In consultation with the journal’s editorial board, Indiana University Press invites expressions of interest from potential editors, coeditors, or editorial teams willing to take responsibility for Museum Anthropology Review’s (MAR) editorial office beginning in 2022.

Published semiannually, the journal works to advance research and professional practice within the diverse, international fields of museum anthropology, museum-based folklore studies, and material culture studies and to foster communication within and between them. The journal’s founding commitment to open access publishing remains rooted in concerns for equity, inclusion, and the specific interests of the varied communities with whom scholars and practitioners in these fields work. Founded and continuing as an open access journal, MAR joined the journals program at Indiana University Press in 2020.

Indiana University Press is eager to help MAR’s next editorial team build on the journal’s inherited strengths while facilitating further experimentation, innovation, and inclusion. Because MAR is not linked to a network of paid subscribers or to a scholarly organization, the journal offers unusual levels of flexibility to prospective editors. As has been true throughout the journal’s history, issues and volumes can vary in size and MAR can accommodate not only new and diverse voices, but new genres, new media, and multiple languages as well.

Editorial Scope and Responsibilities

Museum Anthropology Review enters its fifteenth volume year in 2021. The MAR editor, coeditors, or editorial collective will have responsibility for the solicitation, review, and selection of journal content. While the editor(s) may develop new genres, MAR has historically published works across a number of genres—most prominently, articles, project reports, and reviews of works in a range of media (including exhibitions, books, and digital projects).
While the MAR publishing model allows for variation between volumes, editor(s) will be expected to produce a volume each year consisting of two issues, and coordinate their editorial plan and their work with relevant IU Press staff.
Museum Anthropology Review uses Open Journal Systems (OJS), the editorial workflow, peer-review management, and journal publishing system.
As in peer journals, the editorial team will be responsible conducting double-blind peer review of submissions that adhere to the journals’s submission guidelines, collecting author consent to publish agreements, copyediting, and proofreading. The team will also partner with the press on production, publication, and promotional matters.
The editorial team can be structured in various ways and need not be based at a single institution. Editing MAR provides unique opportunities for scholars to shape the field and hosting the MAR editorial offices helps institutions signal their leadership role within it.
Editors or editorial teams should represent a diversity of backgrounds and reflect a range of relevant professional experiences, but the editor or editors should possess both a knowledge of and a vision for the future of museum anthropology, intersectional with such neighboring fields as museum-based folklore studies, museum ethnology, museum ethnography, museum studies, and material culture studies. While past experience in scholarly publishing can be advantageous, it is not essential to a successful proposal. Publishing many journal titles in the humanities and social sciences, IU Press has deep experience orienting new editors.
Terms of appointment can be negotiated, but it is anticipated that the next editor or editors will be appointed to a four-year term beginning in 2022.
The next editor or editors will appoint a new editorial board and may appoint section editors (e.g., book review editors, etc.) as part of a broader team.


Application Process

Those interested in serving as editor with Museum Anthropology Review should submit a c.v. with a short (one- or two-page) cover letter outlining their relevant experiences and interests in the position and the journal.

The closing date for applications is September 30, 2021, and the role will formally begin on July 1, 2022.

To submit an application, please send a single PDF document with your surname as the file name to publish(at) with the subject line MAR Editor.
The search committee of the journal will consider all applications and make decisions. Those decisions will be based in large part on the skills and experience of the applicants, but will also take into account the balance of expertise and diversity on the editorial team.

Questions and letters expressing interest in the MAR editorship should be directed to editor search cochairs Dr. Gary Dunham, Director of IU Press and Digital Publishing, and Dr. C. Kurt Dewhurst, MAR Editorial Board Member, at publish(at)

The MAR Editorial Search Committee members are:
C. Kurt Dewhurst, Michigan State University, Cochair
Gary Dunham, Indiana University Press, Cochair
Marjorie Hunt, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Michael Paul Jordan, Texas Tech University
Jon Kay, Indiana University
Daniel C. Swan, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
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