Evaluation of Online Conferences

The organizers of the online conference "Digital Truth-Making: Ethnographic Perspectives on Practices, Infrastructures and Affordances of Truth-Making in Digital Societies" (HU Berlin) have evaluated and put together information for alternative online conferencing

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The online conference „Digital Truth-Making: Ethnographic Perspectives on Practices, Infrastructures and Affordances of Truth-Making in Digital Societies", which took place in October 2020 at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, set out to explore new structures and formats for online conferencing. As an additional result of the conference, one of the organizers (Antonia Sladek) has put together a detailed evaluation of the conference formats, which might be of interest for colleagues in the field currently planning online conferences themselves. Report available here.

The document has two purposes:
- to give insights into an alternative online conferencing format that strongly deviates from a „classical" conference structure; to explain what worked well and what didn't.
- to provide a reference for the acquisition of funding for online conferences with the DFG. The DFG, who usually funds the costs for conference travels and accommodation, had agreed to re-allocate these funds to pay for personell that can realize an ambitious online conferencing format. The document above includes some notes on this, and the overall positive evaluation demonstrates that this kind of re-allocation of funding is useful. Thus, the evaluation can potentially be a helpful reference when applying for funding for an online conference.

If you missed the conference, the video presentations are still available via post-registration here.

Conference Organizers: Christoph Bareither, Dennis Eckhardt, Alexander Harder, Julia Molin, Antonia Sladek, Vanessa Zallot
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Europäische Ethnologie