Workshop „Higher Education and Civic Participation” (Deadline: September 15, 2019)

Recent years have witnessed an increasing attention towards the relationship between higher education and, in a broad sense, civic participation. Higher education policy makers have put concepts such as democratic values, civic engagement, political participation or community work on political agendas. Higher education is expected to foster active citizenship as well as related attitudes and values and thus contribute to vivid democracies and social cohesion. These expectations have become even more salient against the background of the raise of populistic parties in many liberal democracies and strong political controversies, e.g. on immigration.

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In social research, a positive association between the level of education and, e.g., political participation has been shown repeatedly. At the same time, it is still debated whether there is a causal connection implied with this relationship and by which mechanisms higher education impacts on social or political participation.

This workshop particularly welcomes contributions analyzing such mechanisms. It aims at shedding more light on the relationship between higher education and civic participation, be it political participation, civic engagement, volunteering or other forms. Contributions focusing on attitudes relevant to civic participation, e.g. democratic values, political efficacy, or intercultural tolerance, are welcome as well.

DZHW Research Cluster: Returns on tertiary education Dr. Johann Carstensen, Thorsten Euler, Gregor Fabian, Michael Grüttner, Doğuş Güleryüz, Dr. Kai Mühleck, Stefanie Oelker, Ulrike Schwabe

Submission We appreciate empirical contributions in every status of research, early or advanced, from various disciplines, in particular from Economics, the Social Sciences and Education. Presentations in English or German are possible. Please submit a short abstract (maximum 500 words) by September 15, 2019 to


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