What can ethnography really do?

13th ethnodoks* workshop for PhDs & International Workshop of the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences (University of Vienna), June 4th to 6th 2021

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What can ethnography really do?

13th ethnodoks* workshop for PhDs &
International Workshop of the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences

When: June 4th to 6th 2021 
Where: Vienna, Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna 
Call for Paper deadline ends April 6th 2021

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This year's 13th ethnodoks* doctoral workshop presents the opportunity to engage with such themes with peer researchers, alternately viewing ethnography as a mode of inquiry, as method and as theory. This workshop is self-organized by and for PhD candidates in anthropology, sociology and neighboring fields. As usual in this workshop series, the organizers propose thematic fields which can be adjusted based on the participants' interests and needs. This time we decided to make the event more inclusive by making English its working language. Based on the brief introduction above, our workshop is centered around the following questions: 

    1) What is ethnography? How can we conceptualize it? 
    2) What is ethnography's potential, what are its limits? 
    3) How is ethnography useful in the diverse research and writing tasks that make up our individual PhD projects?

The workshop will offer doctoral students spaces for exchange, networking and further developing their own research project. A panel discussion with more senior anthropologists dealing with the core questions of the workshop is planned for Friday 4th. This discussion is intended as an intellectual kick-off for our workshop. The names of the panelists will be published on https://ethnodoks.wordpress.com/ 

Register by sending us an email with:
-your name and affiliation,
-approximately where in the PhD you are 
-a short text detailing your relation and current concerns with ethnography, possibly engaging with one or more of the thematic questions suggested above, and your interests in the workshop (max. 1 page)
-info about whether you'll need to be hosted and intend to ask for reimbursing travel costs. Please specify the estimated amount.

The first 35 applicants will be registered for the workshop and there is a waiting list for further applicants. Please send the application documents as PDF files to ethnodoks[at]gmail.com by April 6th 2021.

We aim to connect those of you in need of accommodation in Vienna with people able to host you, and there will be limited possibilities of reimbursing travel costs. When confirming your registration, we will ask for an attendance fee of 20 euros to be paid by April 14th. This fee facilitates planning and covers the costs of the welcome dinner on Friday evening. 
Please note that this event may be moved online (in this case we will pay back the attendance fee). 

Marlene Persch – Social Anthropologist and sowi:docs fellow at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, University of Vienna
Catherine Polishchuk – Social Anthropologist and ÖAW doc fellow at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences, University of Vienna
Milo Strauss – Social Anthropologist and University assistant at the Department for Cultural Analysis, University of Klagenfurt


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