Over the past 15 years of hosting our fieldwork program in Malta, quite a few personal research themes from our teaching staff developed into broader optional projects, in which participants of the overarching Off the Beaten Track program can take part.

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Session 1: June 5 - June 24, 2020
Session 2: July 2 - July 21, 2020
Session 3: July 29 - August 17, 2020 

Anthropology of Food & Eating
The aim of this collaborative research project is to gain and exchange experiences in anthropological and interdisciplinary research on topics concerning food and food production on Gozo.
Leading researcher: Marjan Moris (KU Leuven - Expeditions)

Graphic Anthropology
While anthropologists are looking for new means of representation, the development of graphic novels and reports in both the fields of comics and journalism have helped put drawings back in the spotlight with a move towards new investigative forms of storytelling.
Leading researcher: Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven)<>

Anthropology and the Art of Motorcycle Observation
A collaborative research focus on motorcycle ethnographies, situated on the crossroads of, among others, anthropology of technology, mobility studies, geography of transportation systems and design anthropology.
Leading researcher: Sam Janssen (Expeditions) 

Perspectives from the anthropology of aging
Aging is a topical issue all over the world. It is something we are encountered with on a daily basis. This thematic unit encourages you to explore the topic of aging in a broad context.
Leading researcher: Mirjam Bussels (Expeditions) 

Gender and Culture, explorations through fieldwork
Gender is an inherent part of our life and it concerns every single individual. This unit aims at collectively unpacking the concept of gender and a wide range of gender issues in daily practices.
Leading researcher: Xin Pan (KU Leuven - Expeditions)
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Human-animal Dialogue: Anthropological Explorations
The majority of our planet is non-human, yet the impact of people has transformed Earth, placing us in an era of the Anthropocene. This research project aims at analyzing entanglements among human-animal relationships in a time of environmental concern.
Leading researcher: Jacob Jansen (University of Oregon) 

Stories in the Field, Methods in Creative Ethnographic Journaling
This collaborative research project explores storytelling, field notes, and self-reflection through creative reimaginings and writing experiments, with an aim to expand our notions of the parameters of productive fieldwork.
Leading researcher: Hannah Howard (Boston University)