International Conference “Migrants and refugees Integration in the 21st Century”

The conference will take place October 15-16, 2020. All interested scholars are invited to submit proposals for single paper presentations or thematic sessions by 29 February 2020.

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Migration and displacement have been described as global megatrends of the 21st Century. On the one hand, economic migration is seen as one of the key factors in the economic, social and cultural development of the countries hosting large flows of migrants as well as the countries of migrants’ origin. On the other, conflicts, political upheavals and disasters, as well as climate change, poverty and development projects cause the unprecedent number of people to leave their homes. Successful integration of migrants into the host society allows maximizing the contribution of migrants to the development of both the countries in which they live and work, and their home countries. Where willing repatriation of a displaced person is not a feasible option integrating into the society of asylum is the only solution. Yet, social integration is not only beneficial but demanding for both the host society and the migrant.

The Conference will focus on conceptual and methodological approaches, as well as on the discussion of empirical research to understand the complexity of international migration and integration processes. We invite scholars from a range of disciplines working in the field of migration studies to take part in this conference. The conference is geared towards an interdisciplinary approach, seeking to bring together experts from a variety of fields, including sociology, history, anthropology, and cultural studies. Among other issues, we expect to discuss the following themes:

  1. methodological approaches to studies aimed at understanding the process of integration of migrants and refugees;
  2. migration as a multidimensional process including legal, economic, social and cultural aspects;
  3. the integration of migrants and refugees in cities;
  4. social integration of migrants and refugees and the role of policy; 
  5. integration of children of migrants and refugees;
  6. religion, migration and integration.

Working languages: English and Russian.

Deadline for abstract submission: 29 February 2020

We invite all interested scholars to submit proposals for single paper presentations or thematic sessions by 29 February 2020. Submissions should include the name of the scholar, institutional affiliation, electronic addresses, a brief CV and abstract of the proposed paper (250 words). Proposals are invited in English or Russian.


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