Call for Papers – From Military to Militarizing Masculinities

NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies is looking for contributions to a special issue: From Military to Militarizing Masculinities.

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The relationship between masculinities and the military as a social institution is an important field of inquiry within feminism and masculinities studies. As such, it has spawned theoretical discussions around the reproduction of patriarchal gender relations and hegemonic masculinity as well as rich empirical work on the performances and experiences of as well as changes in military masculinities. At the same time, critical scholarship within feminism, gender studies, and critical military studies has widened the analysis of militarism and war to encompass cultural and institutional processes of militarization beyond the military as an institution. The military, militarization, and masculinities might thus be said to be intertwined in a global politics of power that has real effects in people’s lives – from intimate relationships with partners, family, and friends to international political power games. Given the recent state of affairs in this global politics of power, we think that is time to explore the relationship between the military, militarization, and masculinities anew.

For this special issue, we therefore invite scholars to explore the contemporary conceptualizations, performances, experiences, and consequences of military and militarizing masculinities. We are interested in contributions that cover the variety of relationships – conceptual and empirical – that exist between the military, militarization, and masculinities in all international contexts. Submissions from scholars working in non-English and non-Western contexts are especially encouraged. Contributions could explore themes such as (but are not limited to):

  • intersections of military masculinities with for example race, class, sexuality, and ability
  • symbolic and cultural imaginaries of military masculinities and militarization
  • affective and emotional dimensions of military and militarized communities and identities
  • militarization of masculinities in military institutions and de-militarization of masculinities in post-military contexts
  • resistances to and changes in military masculinities
  • militarization of intimacy, family, and sexuality
  • relationship between military masculinities, military waste, and environmental pollution

This special issue is edited by Ann-Dorte Christensen (Co-Editor NORMA), Morten Kyed (Guest Editor) and Sebastian Mohr (Managing Editor NORMA). Please send your 250 word abstract and a short author biography of max 100 words to until 06.12.2020. Authors will receive notifications about acceptance by 13.12.2020. Full papers according to NORMA’s author guidelines (click the following link for more information: will be due by 14.03.2021. After the double-blind peer-review process, authors can expect responses at the beginning of May 2021. Depending on editorial decisions, revised papers will be due at the beginning of August 2021.


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