Konferenzen – Call for Papers

Sociological explorations of sexuality in Europe: bodies, practices, and resistance in troubled times

Das Institut für Soziologie an der Jagiellonian Universität in Krakau veranstaltet von 14.-15. Februar 2019 eine Konferenz zum Thema "Sociological explorations of sexuality in Europe: bodies, practices, and resistance in troubled times". Interessierte Wissenschaftler*innen können bis 30. August 2018 ihre Abstracts einsenden.

  • Zeitraum: 14.02.2019 – 15.02.2019
  • Institution: Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • Ort: Krakau / Polen
  • Anmeldung bis: 01. Dezember 2018 Anmeldungstermin beachten
  • Anmeldung bei: esa.rn23.sexuality[at]gmail.com
  • Veranstaltungsbeitrag: ESA Members € 45, Non-Esa members € 50, Solidarity fee € 70
  • Unterlagen an: esa.rn23.sexuality[at]gmail.com

This Midterm Conference of the ESA Sexuality Research Network wants to bring the different strands of sociological and interdisciplinary research on sexuality together, and establish dialogue between the research communities that have developed around them in Europe. In these challenging times for critical research, we need to preserve and develop spaces to put the sociological imagination at work - as critique of mainstream essentialist knowledge production on sexuality and sexual health and as critique of the hierarchies of knowledge in the competitive neoliberal academia.

The goal of this Midterm Conference is to provide a space for exploring bodies, practices, and forms of resistance, and for decolonizing sexuality studies, in an effort to detect centre-periphery dynamics in research agendas, language, concepts, and methods. We would like to discuss how these dynamics are related to increasing transnational mobility and precarization of research work, and to the relations between academia and social movements as sites of knowledge production. Aiming at geographical, theoretical, methodological and thematic diversity, we invite interested scholars to submit proposals exploring centres and margins in:

Bodies and practices

  • (un)gendering bodies and positionalities, transexuality, transgender, non-binary
  • a/sexual and intimate practices
  • queer and heteronormative tendencies in kinship, families and networks of care
  • consensual/ethical non-monogamies and affective networks

Intersections and mobilities

  • intersections of sexuality with disability studies, crip perspectives and fat studies
  • intersections of sexuality with race studies
  • migrations, mobility and boundary struggles

Spaces and economies

  • sexuality and geography/locality/geo-temporality
  • sexuality, class dynamics and shifting hegemonies
  • sexual markets and sex work(s)
  • neoliberal academia and the challenges to sexuality research

Governing and resisting

  • sexual governmentality in Europe and its challenges between backlash and prefigurative politics
  • sexual/intimate citizenship and how the law affects the choice over bodies and relationships
  • claims from movements and grassroot associations pro- or against sexual rights (LGBT, abortion, medical assisted reproduction, gender education, sex workers rights groups…)
  • sexual health and the medicalization of sexuality
  • sexual/gender education and queer pedagogies
  • media and cultural representations and misrecognitions

Deadlines & Submissions:

Apart from single oral presentations, we invite proposals for thematic sessions (panels, roundtables, or other possible formats). A session proposal should include a brief indication of the session’s overarching theme and the list and abstracts of papers/contributions to be included. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that sessions can be integrated in the suggested form into the final programme. You may also propose an extra activity - i.e. movie screening, performance, book launch or other possible event that you would like to organize. A selection of these proposals will be included in the final programme.

Important dates:

30th August 2018 - deadline for submission of abstracts and bio notes
15 October 2018 - information about selection outcomes
20th October - 1st December 2018 - online registration open
14-15- February 2019 - Conference

Submitted documents should include: 250-300 word abstract, a short biographical note and 5 keywords

Abstract submission via email: esa.rn23.sexuality[at]gmail.com

The Conference fee will cover coffee breaks and two vegan warm lunches
ESA Members € 45
Non-Esa members € 50
Solidarity fee € 70 (the solidarity fee can be chosen, in alternative to the regular fee, on a voluntary basis by both ESA and non-ESA and ESA members members, and it is aimed at financing bursaries for participants who
will apply for financial support.)

Bursaries and fee-waivers:

To facilitate the exchange with scholars in disadvantaged academic situation, we will offer a number of fee-waivers and travel bursaries for: PhD students, independent and untenured researchers, and junior tenured academics. The primary recipients will be people from geopolitically disadvantaged regions, however, students and freelancing academics from all countries should feel encouraged to apply as well. To apply for the fee-waiver/bursary, please indicate that in your submission, explaining your reasons (one page).
We encourage scholars from beyond the European Union to apply. We would be happy to help you with all necessary documentation (invitation, visa) to enable your participation.


ESA Research Network on Sexuality - the Board (Chiara Bertone, Agata Stasińska, Daniel Cardoso,
Eleanor Formby, Beatrice Gusmano, Sebastian Mohr, Liliana Pankratova, Mara Pieri) in collaboration
with the Institute of Sociology, Jagiellonian University (Agnieszka Król and Justyna Struzik).
All questions should be sent to: esa.rn23.sexuality[at]gmail.com

For more info please go to the conference website www.esa-rn23-sexuality.confer.uj.edu.pl/cfp

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