Konferenzen – Call for Papers

Submissions for the Memory Studies Association PhD Event “MSA Forward”

The Memory Studies Association’s second annual conference provides a forum for PhD students to explore the connection of their research to Memory Studies.

  • Zeitraum: 13.12.2017 – 16.12.2017
  • Institution: Memory Studies Association (MSA)
  • Ort: Copenhagen / Dänemark
  • Einzureichen bis: 01. August 2017 Einreichtermin beachten
  • Unterlagen an: http://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/call-phd-event-papers-screendoor/
  • Kontakt: info[at]memorystudiesassociation.org

MSA Forward: Early Career Researchers in Memory Studies

MSA Forward offers a platform for exchanging ideas with a cohort of early researchers, learning about recent developments in Memory Studies and interacting with key academics in the field. Through flash presentations, PhD students will have the opportunity to discuss the specific ways their research connects with Memory Studies and to receive feedback from established scholars.

MSA Forward will host a career café and a PhD dinner before the conference begins, and a methodology workshop during the conference itself.

The organizers invite proposals for 5 minute flash presentations which explore the role of Memory Studies in individual PhD projects. What connections does your PhD thesis establish with Memory Studies? In which ways do your case studies or primary texts engage with issues of remembrance and forgetting? Which methodology do you use and why? Are the memory frameworks you employ transcultural, transnational, multidirectional, palimpsestic, or something else?

Please send proposals of no more than 200 words as well as a short biography before August, 1st. For organizational reasons, please make sure that you only upload one file (proposal & bio in one document).

We are currently looking into funding for travel stipends. More information will be provided upon acceptance.

If you encounter any difficulties, contact us via info[at]memorystudiesassociation.org

Letters of acceptance will be sent out around September, 1st.

Hanna Teichler & Rebekah Vince

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Submission Form: http://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/call-phd-event-papers-screendoor/

Call: http://www.memorystudiesassociation.org/conference-2017-msa-forward/

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