Alaska Anthropological Association
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General description:
Homepage der Alaska Anthropological Association.

The purpose of the Alaska Anthropological Association is to serve as a vehicle for maintaining communication among people interested in all branches of anthropology; to promote public awareness and education of anthropological activities and goals; to foster sympathetic appreciation of the past and present cultures of Alaskan peoples; to encourage Alaskan Natives to participate in the elucidation of their respective cultures; and to facilitate the dissemination of anthropological works in both technical and non-technical formats. The web site sets out the constitution of the Association and lists its officers as well as giving details of how to join.

There are, in addition, links to a news section, a contents listing of the Association's Alaska Journal of Anthropology and the Aurora Monograph Series and abstracts of papers delivered at annual conferences.

Keywords:Anthropological associations
North Polar Region (no further specification)
Classification:(IBOA)A.4:Forschung und Lehre / A.4:Teaching and research
O.21:Nordamerika / O.21:North America
O.7:Nordpol / O.7:North Polar Region
Type of Source:Fachgesellschaften und Fachverbände
Access authorisation:frei zugänglich
Audience:Wissenschaftliches Personal / scientific community
Subject:Social Anthropology
Recorded in the Catalogue in:25.04.2007
Last change:07.05.2007

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