Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change
Studies on the cultural sources and foundations of values and the role of this heritage in building the future
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Table of content:
SERIES I: CULTURE AND VALUES -- Over 30 studies on nature of values, pluralism and relations between cultures as applied to urbanization, ethics and civil society.
SERIES II: AFRICA AND ISLAM -- 15 volumes from Africa: A philosophical articulation of the distinctive identities of the African cultures and their efforts to cope with contemporary transformations; volumes from Ghana, Uganda, Zaire, etc., and from Islam: The meaning of fidelity to a religious tradition for life in our day. Egyptian volumes by the Chief Justice of the Supreme court and the the Al-Azhar. Analogous volumes from other centers in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and South East Asia.
SERIES III: ASIA -- 20 volumes of colloquia with the University of Peking and Fudan University as well as the Academies of Science of Shanghai and Beijing on nature, man and society, tradition and modernization; and other studies from India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Central Asia.
SERIES IV: WESTERN EUROPE, EASTERN EUROPE, AND NORTH AMERICA -- A 30 volume set by the Academies of Science and Universities of Central and Eastern Europe reflecting the struggle of peoples to rediscover their identities after a depersonalizing universalist ideology and to rebuild democratic structures.
SERIES V: LATIN AMERICA -- Background of social problems and foundations for the realization of human rights, social critique and reconstruction in Central and South America.
SERIES VI: FOUNDATIONS OF MORAL EDUCATION -- Studies by teams of philosophers, psychologists and professors of education on the bases for moral growth and implications for the role of the school in society; Related volumes from Latin America and Taiwan.
INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR METAPHYSICS -- The volumes progress from the relation of the person to nature, society and God; to society and its characteristics of unity, justice and progress; to culture and its morality and symbols; and to the challenges of globalization.

Today there is urgent need to search out human wisdom regarding the nature and dignity of the person, the goal of the transformation of our environment, and the relation of both to the quality of personal and social life.
Such studies must draw deeply upon the cultural and religious heritages of all peoples and develop new and creative modes of cooperation, marked by trust and justice, honest dedication and mutual concern. This is the goal of the present series published by: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP).

Cooperator:The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, D.C.
Keywords:Cultural heritage
Cultural values
Cultural change
Classification:(IBOA)I.0:Allgemeine Arbeiten zu sozialer und kultureller Identität / I.0:General works of social and cultural Identity
N.0:Sozialer Wandel, Kultur und Konflikt, Gewalt / N.0:Social Change, Culture and Conflict, Violence
B.3:Archivierung und Nutzung von dokumentarischem Material / B.3:Storage and use of documentary materials
Date of publication:12.05.2009
Type of Source:Liste: Elektronische Fachbücher
Access authorisation:frei zugänglich
All publications are copy-righted © by The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy.
Audience:wissenschaftliches Personal / scientific community, interessierte Laien / semiprofessionals
Subject:Social Anthropology/ Folklore Studies
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Last change:20.05.2010

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