Account of the Polynesian race; its origins and migrations and the ancient history of the Hawaiian people to the times of Kamehameha I
v. 3. Comparative vocabulary of the Polynesian and Indo-European languages.
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General description:
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Aus der Einleitung: "...There are a few who still maintain a sort of middle-ground of thought, and hold that if the Polynesians are not the descendants of the Malays, they are at least descended from the same proximate ancestor, and are, in fact, either brothers or cousins to the Malays. I differ from these, and think that, tested by every ethnological, and even linguistic method, the Polynesians have no inheritance and no kindred in the Malayo-Javanese race or culture. That a very large number of Polynesian vocables may be found in the Malay language I believe no one now will deny. But, so far from proving the derivation of the former from the latter, the very reverse is now considered to be the fact;..."

Creator (person):Stokes, John F. G
In:An account of the Polynesian race; its origins and migrations and the ancient history of the Hawaiian people to the times of Kamehameha I, by Abraham Fornander. London: Trübner & co., 1878-85.
Classification:(IBOA)C.1:Historische Quellen / C.1:Historical material
E.1:Sprache und Linguistik / E.1:Language and linguistics
O.53:Ozeanien / O.53:Oceania
Classification:(DDC)305.899 4
Date of publication:00.00.2005
Type of Source:Fachbuch, Forschungsbericht, Studie
Access authorisation:frei zugänglich
These pages may be freely searched and displayed. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. Please go to for more information.
Audience:Wissenschaftliches Personal / scientific community, Informierter Laie / semiprofessional
Subject:Social Anthropology
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Last change:06.03.2006

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