C:SL - Collaboratory: Social Anthropology & Lifesciences

C:SL - Forschungsverbund: Sozialanthropologie & Lebenswissenschaften

C:SL - Collaboratoire: Socio-Anthropologie & Sciences de la Vie
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General description:
Vorstellung des interdisziplinären Forschungsnetzwerkes.

Selbstbeschreibung: "C:SL stands for 'Collaboratory: Social Anthropology & Lifesciences'. It defines a network of researchers from a wide range of disciplines interested in in-depth empirical analysis of
1. scientific and public perspectives on the biosocial etiology of complex diseases;
2. treatment and coping strategies in the socio-cultural contexts of illness and
3. the new role of the lifesciences in public health and biopolitics.
Its work is prinicipally aimed at moulding expertise from the cultural, medical, natural and social sciences that arise from a large array of projects into a coherent understanding of complex pathologies that may support the development of a wider range of therapeutic solutions as well as coping strategies.

What are C:SL's major activities?
Many now recognise that in order to better understand and deal with complex pathologies such as adipositas, chronic pain or attention deficit syndrome, it is necessary to interlink data and expertise from different disciplines. C:SL provides a platform for researchers to look beyond their own immediate projects for overarching theoretical themes, methodological tools and relections. It does so via
1. conducting and co-ordinating empirical research projects;
2. identifying, connecting and developing existing local, national and international expertise via lectures, workshops, seminars and an international visitors' programme;
3. supporting young scientists at graduate and post-doc level via a grant scheme;
4. translating research findings into teaching programmes;
5. communicating findings to different public."

Creator (person):Niewöhner, Jörg
Creator (corporation):Institut für Europäische Ethnologie
Cooperator:Berlin / Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur
Keywords:Interdisciplinary research
Medical anthropology
Public health
Social biology
Classification:(IBOA)A.4:Forschung und Lehre / A.4:Teaching and research
K.2:Medizinanthropologie / K.2:Anthropology of Medicine
M.26:Gesundheit, Hygiene und Ernährung / M.26:Problems of health, hygiene and nutrition
D.0:Physische Anthropologie / D.0:Physical anthropology
Classification:(DDC)306.461 072
Type of Source:Arbeitsgemeinschaften
Access authorisation:frei zugänglich
Audience:Wissenschaftliches Personal / scientific community
Subject:Social Anthropology/ Folklore Studies
Recorded in the Catalogue in:08.12.2004
Last change:31.03.2005

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