Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie (IVB) 1985 - 1998

About IVB-Online

The bibliography of folklore studies (IVB) providing monographs and articles, up to now was accessible only as a printed version.

In cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volksunde (DGV) and the University of Bremen EVIFA makes the data of the IVB from 1985 to 1998 available online.

How to search the IVB-Online

On the first tab you find a Simple Search field.

You may use the Boolean Operators AND, OR, AND NOT.

By using quotation marks you can search for a phrase.

Searching a phrase is only possible in the Simple Search.


In the Advanced Search you can connect the search fields with the Boolean Operators AND, OR, AND NOT.


You can also connect the search terms within the search fields with the Boolean Operators.

You can work with Wildcards.


You can choose whether your search term shall be found in each field or within a specific field.



more information about Boolean Operators and Wildcards

About Index-Search and "Browse by Subject"

You may call the Index-Lists for the search fields 'subject keyword', 'person keyword' and 'geographical keyword'. The Index-List contains all stored keywords of the IVB.

You can fill in the keywords from the Index-List by copy and paste.


If you want to browse the IVB-Online for subjects, please choose the tabs according to your linguistic preference:

  • Sachgebiete deutsch
  • Subject english
  • Thème francais

How to use the list of search results

When the query is comleted you will see the number of results for your search term.

If the amount is to high please try to narrow or specify your query by using more search terms.


Short List

The short list contains the most important information for the resources.

The icon before every row registers you which kind of resource it concerns.

If you click on the title you will get the full record of metadata for the resource.


Full record

In the full record or detailed view all metadata for this resource are displayed.

What is the Availability-Check?

From the full record or detailed view you can check the availability of the resource.

You receive - whenever the data admit and in collaboration with other services - information in which library the title is available.

If it is a book, an Availability-Search will be pushed in the Dreiländerkatalog und the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK).

If it is an article, an Availability-Search will be pushed in the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB) and the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB).