EVIFA Catalogue Search

About the EVIFA Catalogue Search

The EVIFA Catalogue Search is a metasearch, i.e., a concurrent search in several distributed databases in one search-step.


The EVIFA catalogue search delivers to you, above all, literature references, partially also full texts. A choice of the most important databases is preselected. You may change the preselection by setting or removing the hooks. The more databases you have selected, the longer there lasts the search process.


You may start the EVIFA catalgue search by filling in your search terms in the Quick Search Field on top of the page or by using the Advanced Search with more differentiated search options and more databases.


Starting the EVIFA Catalogue Search


Via the information button behind each database you receive information about each database, the provider and the collection subjects.

The arrow key beside the info button leads directly to the homepage of the provider.

How to search the EVIFA Catalogue Search

The EVIFA Catalogue Search offers you two search fields which you can connect with the Boolean Operators AND, OR, AND NOT.

Within the search fields the search terms are automatically connected with AND.

You can choose wheter your search term shall be found in each search field or within a specific field.

If you set a hyphen before the search term, the search term will be excluded from the search.



Helmut Kohl searched in each field, Helmut Kohl will be found as author and documents about Helmut Kohl will be found.

Helmut Kohl searched in the title field will deliver documents about Helmut Kohl.

Searching Kohl -Helmut will deliver all documents with the term "Kohl" and will exclude all documents which includes the name "Helmut".


More information about Boolean Operators

How to use the list of search results

When the query is completed an overview about the amount of results in each database is displayed first.

If you click on the catalogue name, you will get the short list of the results from this database.


If the amount of the results is to high or to low you may modify your search by clicking change search.

You receive more tips, as e.g. a choice of synonyms to your search term, if you follow the tip on the site.


If you want to search more than the catalogues in the result list, please click on search in further databases.

You may call at this point also a new search.


Short List

In the short list author, title and year is indicated. You may put a title in your personal folder (My Folder) by setting a hook.


More information about My Folder.


Full record

In the full record or detailed view all metadata are displayed which the database provider has catalogued for this resource.

On the coverage and the quality of the catalogue data EVIFA has no influence.