[Translate to english:] Ethno-LOTSE/ Recherchetools

The Ethno-LOTSE is a cooperation between EVIFA and the University of Münster.

The Ethno-LOTSE provides:

  • information on search and acquisition of folklore studies and social anthropology
  • support on searching and valuating websites
  • confirmation of local and worldwide websites
  • support on learning scientific technique
  • support on all steps of learning, research and teaching
  • introducing links to databases and catalogues for special questions

The Ethno-LOTSE tells you for each step which kind of resource you need and guides you to aim. Choose your university and you will see your lokal offering!


!! Attention: Starting the Ethno-LOTSE you need the Flash-Player!!


With Recherche-Tools there are meant the most important catalogues and databases for literature on ethnological subjects - the basement for subject search. In addition you will find information resources and offers from adjacent disciplines.