About the Ethno-Guide

The Ethno-Guide is a subject gateway containing websites on folklore studies (Volkskunde) and social anthropology (Völkerkunde).

Each information resource has been catalogued in a database with several metadatas. You can search the database Ethno-Guide for metadata like author, title or keyword etc.


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How to search the Ethno-Guide

On top of the first page named "Search" you will find a Simple Search field.

The search terms are automatically connected with AND.

You can use the Boolean Operators AND, OR, AND NOT.

By using quotation marks you can search for a phrase.

You can work with Wildcards (*).


In the Advanced Search beneath you can connect the search fields with the Boolean Operators AND, OR, AND NOT.

Within the search fields the search terms are automatically connected with AND.

You can choose whether your search term shall be found in each search field or within a specific field.

You can narrrow your search on resource types or languages or you can activate a filter on 'Folklore Studies' or 'Social Anthropology'.


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About "Full text index", "browse by subject" and "browse by resource type"

The full text search will scan the websites of the Ethno-Guide for your search term, but not the metadata.


If you want to browse the Ethno-Guide for the anthropological thematic domains of the "International Bibliography of Anthropology", choose the tab subject


If you want to know what kinds of websites you can find in the Ethno-Guide, click the tab resource type

How to use the list of search results

When the query is completed you will see the number of results for your search term. If the amount is to high please try to narrow or specify your query by using more search terms.


Short List

The short list is sorted alphabetically by titles and contains important informations about the resource.

You can choose the sorting by author, title or year.

If you click on details, you get the full record of metadata for the resource.

If you want to get directly to the website, click the URL.


Full record

In the full record or detailed view all metadata are displayed the EVIFA-Team has catalogued for this resource.


Search results of fulltext index

The search results of the fulltext index are websites comprising your search term. It is possible that you will find a large amount of non specific results since all texts in the websites will be scanned.