Data-Recall Tools

Resources for the research of folkloristic and anthropological information


Please consider that these reference works were compiled with respect to German researchers. Nevertheless, many of the sources contain references in English and other languages.


These "data-recall tools" are the most important catalogues and databases of anthropologically relevant literature - the basics of every specialist research. Naturally, these also include general information sources and services of related subjects. You will find more links for special queries in EVIFA Ethno-Guide.


Due to licence agreements many databases do not offer their service in the internet. Most university libraries will have local access to the listed reference works.


Online access to the databases for users of the Humboldt University net


Meta search

EVIFA-Meta Search


You can search in a range of free available ethnological databases and catalogues simultaneously (these include specialist databases: Anthropological Journal Article Database TEO; Jade British Library.../ full text search engines: H-Soz-u-Kult .../ library catalogues: SSG Folklore Studies / Social Anthropology, STUB Frankfurt/Main, MPI Social Anthropology....)


Library catalogues

KVK (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue)

Simultaneous search in the most important German and international catalogues.


Library of Congress

Most complete book collection in the world. Every book published during the last 100 years in the world is said to be available here.


Find more library catalogues and literature databases in the Ethno-Guide


Journal directories

ZDB (Journal database)

Lists more than one million titles of journals, periodicals and other serials in all languages, from 1500 AD until today, and identifies the holder.


EZB (Electronic Journal Library)

World wide available electronic journals of ethnology (folklore studies and social anthropology).


Find more indices of subject journals in the Ethno-Guide


General bibliographical databases

ISI Web of Knowledge

This gateway includes the Web of Science and the databases Science Citation Index and Arts & Humanities Citation Index. These interdisciplinary databases contain bibliographic information on articles as well as cited literature; mainly in English.


Furthermore you will find daily updated journal articles of all subject in the Current Contents Connect.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.



International bibliography of the humanities and social science journals, since 1985 online.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


Virtual German Geographic Bibliography

Meta-catalogue of references of geographic literature (including folkloristic publications) in Germany.


Bibliographic databases of folklore studies and social anthropology

IVB and IVB-Online

Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie - International Folklore Bibliography - Bibliographie Internationale d'Ethnologie. Monographs and articles since 1948.


The print version is available in all folkloristic libraries.


There is an electronic version as "IVB-Online" by EVIFA. The Database include the Records between 1985 - 1998.


Anthropological Index Online (AIO)

Based on the journal holdings of The Anthropology Library at The British Museum (formerly Museum of Mankind) containing periodicals in all branches of anthropology since the 1950s.



The Smithsonian Institute in Washington has a search engine covering among others the library holdings of the National Museum of American Art and 20 national museums. Registers their own various publications but - more important - journal articles too.


International Bibliography of Social Sciences, therein: International Bibliography of Social Anthropology (IBSS/IBA)

Bibliographic references of international journals (2,600), books, reviews and articles of collected editions. Containing economics, politics, sociology and anthropology. Since the 1950s.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


Anthropological Literature on Disc

CD-ROM edition of the Harvard Tozzer Library article service. Articles of more than 1.000 journals are indexed, as well as compilations of the subjects archaeology, anthropology and linguistics and of related subject areas (sociology, history, demography, geography, international development, human genetics); mainly in English.


Keywords, no abstracts. Since 1998?


Available as CD-ROM in the SSC Folklorstics & Social Anthropology, you can send a research request


CSAC Anthropology Bibliography

A bibliographic databank of anthropological literature. Records monographs as well as journal articles and more.


More subject bibliographies the Ethno-Guide


Bibliographic databanks of related subjects


Interdisciplinary compilation of various databanks, including the Hungarian Bibliography of Folklore Studies and the European Bibliography of Soviet and East European studies; emphasis on philosophy, religious studies, Eastern Europe


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


WISO III - Social sciences Literature and Projects

More than 330,000 references of the social sciences. Apart from journals and monographs the IZ Social Sciences exploits research works and projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Almost exclusively German literature with abstracts.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.



Bibliographic databank of the social sciences, predominantly English literature.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


MLA International Bibliography

Bibliographic databank of linguistics and literature studies, mainly English literature.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


Full text and specialist databanks

Multisearchsystem E-Connect - Gateway to electronic publication

A system of links to articles of diverse subjects available online. Through the linkage with other research systems (EZB, ZDB, publishers, PubMed, Ingenta, Google) it offers direct access to full text of more than 5000 e-journals. The results can differ according to the location of the computer.


GEPRIS - DFG-funded projects

The DFG offers its own databank in the internet that informs you about current research projects funded by the DFG. GEPRIS provides information on the content and aim, the participating persons and research sites of each project. This link refers to all results of the keywords "Ethnologie" (ethnology), "Volkskunde" (folklore studies) and "Völkerkunde" (social anthropology).



Socioscientific research projects in Germany (many of which deal with anthropologically relevant topics like migration, social anthropology, interculturality...)

Freely accessible, multilingual databank (Danish, English, German and Norwegian), containing more than a hundred texts in html-format.




International bibliography of reviews (mainly humanities and social sciences). Online since 1980.


Limited access: Please use your local library's access.


Internet base review service "European ethnology / cultural anthropology / folklore studies"

Review service of the Institute for European Ethnology at the Humboldt University, Berlin. A list sorted by date of all published reviews, freely accessible in the information network H-Soz-u-Kult.


ARD - Anthropology Review Database

A (anthropological) review database that contains momentarily (11/2004) about 2,100 reviews. The search engine can be searched via search fields or browsed. It records some monographs, articles and essays.


Find more review services the Ethno-Guide


You haven't found what you are looking for? There is no library with the necessary licence agreements close by?

You can send a specifically anthropological research request to the subject specialist of the special subject collection Folklore Studies and Social Anthropology. She will research for you directly in the stated databanks. Research for non-commercial users within Germany is free of charge. For commercial or foreign users, the charge depends on the regulations of the respective library.


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