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Citizenship & Identity in a 'Post-Truth' World

The 2018 International Children’s Identity and Citizenship European Association (CiCea) is the 20th conference and 2nd joint conference with CitizED. The conference theme is ‘Citizenship & Identity in a ‘post-truth’ world’ and will focus on the discourse, research and praxis related to this theme. It will take place from Thursday 10 - Saturday 12 May 2018 in Warsaw.

  • Date: 10.05.2018 – 12.05.2018
  • Institution: CiCea - Children's Identity & Citizenship European Association
  • Location: Warschau / Polen
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Main Conference

The ‘post truth’ world challenges dominant conceptions of citizenship. It has transformed political culture via emotionally-charged rhetoric that is disconnected from the realities of contemporary citizenship and governance. Factual and expert interventions into public debate are often marginalised in favour of the repetition of unsubstantiated or fabricated assertions, allowing previously ‘extreme’ beliefs and positions to enter the political mainstream. The ‘post-truth’ world has disrupted and discounted understandings of responsible civic participation and reasoned debate; appearance becomes more important than reality and the construction of division persistently erodes solidarity.

Despite these reservations, is it possible that the ‘post-truth’ world has re-engaged citizens with politics and public life in ways that could not have been anticipated? Or, are citizens being deceived by populists and new media? Wherever one stands, informal citizenship learning is being transformed with major implications for formal citizenship education.

The 2018 International CiCea is our 20th conference and 2nd with CitizED. The conference theme is ‘Citizenship & Identity in a ‘post-truth’ world’ and will focus on the discourse, research and praxis related to this theme. With these and other challenges in mind, the organizers invite innovative interpretations from any academic discipline with respect to practice and/or research concerned with citizenship, identities and the conference theme to submit a presentation proposal. They welcome papers, posters, symposiums and workshops presented in person or virtually.

If you wish to be considered for 2018 Conference, please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words via the CiCea/CitizED proposal link on or before Friday 22nd December 2017. This conference accepts papers in English only.

Proposals for the Main Conference

Proposals are invited on the conference themes. The conference welcomes proposals for papers, posters, symposia and workshops.


are presented as a standard presentation, for which you will have 20 minutes to present and answer questions. There is only limited space available for presentations and the Conference Scientific Committee will decide on the presentation format. All papers are eligible for inclusion in the Conference’s Selected Papers publication. Papers for publication are selected by the Conference Scientific Committee.


will group at least three linked papers, presented by a group together. The same rules apply as for papers (4,000 words etc), but you will provide your own chairperson and your time will be limited to one conference session. Therefore, if there are many papers in a symposium then each paper will have less than 20 minutes. Symposium papers are normally presented grouped together in the Selected Papers.


are interactive sessions lasting 60-90 minutes, in which participants are doing more than answering questions! You will normally need to limit the maximum number of people who might be able to participate. You may wish to provide a written account of your workshop for the Selected Papers publication, in the form of an article of 4,000 words (maximum).


proposals afford an opportunity to mount a standard poster (A1 size), explaining some research, projects or practices You will have the opportunity to stand by your poster and discuss it with members of the conference during a scheduled poster session. A paper based on the poster is eligible for publication in the Selected Papers.

Virtual Paper     

allow those unable to attend the conference to submit a paper which will be presented at the conference in virtual format.

How to send your proposal

Proposals MUST be submitted via the CiCea Conference 2018 Proposal Link.

The organizers cannot accept proposals that are submitted by any other means. When making a proposal, they recommend that you read the How to make a Proposal Guidance notes.

Applicants wishing to submit more than one proposal must submit separate applications for each proposal. Furthermore, although they will be evaluated jointly, symposium proposals must be submitted as three separate proposals (one for each component presentation).

Please note the DEADLINE of 22 DECEMBER, 2017 for ALL proposals. Regrettably, any proposals submitted after this date cannot be considered.

Conference General Information

The Conference will be held at the ibis Warsawa Stare Miasto Hotel, in Warsaw's Old Town, at Muranowska 2, 00-209 Warszawa, Poland. Situated 12km from Warsaw Int and 35km from Modlin Airports, the ibis Hotel is also easily accessible by bus and tram from the city center (Busses: 174, 127, MURANOWSKA - Tramway: 18, 35, 36, MURANOWSKA) and old town (Busses: 116, 122, 195, MURANOWSKA).

Please note that you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements to/from Warsaw and for booking your own accommodation. The conference office is unable to offer travel advice.

For further information, or if you have any queries, please check the Conference page on the CiCea Website or e-mail to: ciceassociation[at]

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