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Social Analysis: Open Call for Special Issues

The peer reviewed journal "Social Analysis" publishes up to two Special Issues per year. These are selected through an annual Call for Special Issue Proposals. Deadline for submitting a proposal: December 15, 2017

  • Documents to: SA[at]


In recent years Social Analysis had Special Issues on themes as diverse as hierarchy and value, materiality and kinship, animism beyond the soul, state and affect, atheism, uncertainly and displacement, and a great deal more. he Editors are most interested in proposals for Special Issues that set out deliberately to explore and experiment with the analytical potentials of their theme, using original ethnographic research critically to probe established paradigms of social and cultural analysis.

The current call is for proposals to be submitted to the Editor at SA[at] by 15 December 2017.

The shortlisting of proposals will be conducted in consultation with the journal’s new Editorial Board. The guest editors of shortlisted proposals will then be invited to submit the complete manuscript of the Special Issue by 1 April 2018. The manuscripts will then go to peer review, and the final selection will be announced no later than July 2018. The selected Special Issue will be published in 2019.

Special Issue proposals should be up to 2,000 words and include

  • (a) a brief description of the theme and focus, including an explanation of the rationale for its selection of articles;
  • (b) an account of its contribution to the existing literature;
  • (c) an explanation of how the Special Issue addresses the journal’s Aims and Scope;
  • (d) abstracts of no longer than 125 words for each article, indicating expected word length (including endnotes and references);
  • (e) an indication of the state of the manuscript at the time of proposal (e.g., whether drafts of the articles are already available, whether the introduction has been written, whether an afterword is pending).

Please note that Special Issues can have a total word count of no more than 66,000 words (including endnotes and references). So, including the introduction, this would typically include 8 articles of up to 8,000 words each, or 9 to 10 substantially shorter articles.

Manuscripts should be submitted following the journal’s style guide available in PDF format: Social Analysis Style Guide.

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