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Migrations, development and citizenship

The Association for the anthropology of social change and development is calling for panel propsals. Their 13th International Conference is organised in Denmark on 23-25 May 2018, in partnership with Roskilde University and the University of Copenhagen.

  • Date: 23.05.2018 – 25.05.2018
  • Institution: Association for the anthropology of social change and development (APAD)
  • Location: Roskilde / Dänemark
  • Event contribution: Full rate for standard registration: €160
  • Additional documents: submit an outline and a call for paper of max. 600 words
  • Documents to: conference2018[at]

The Conference’s focus

The emergence of the latest so-called ‘migration crisis’ invites the critical engagement and rethinking of the migration-development-citizenship nexus. Human mobility and migration have shaped societies around the world for centuries. States have devised various means to organize or control human mobility by allowing or restraining migrants’ rights and access to resources and services.

Migrants share mixed identities, in their home society and communities, as well as in their host societies, as is the case with African migration within Africa and abroad (in Europe, America, the Middle East, China, etc.).

Recently, security, development and citizenship have been forced together in powerful and politicized ways, manifesting in the increased policing and tightening of African, European and American borders. Yet, restrictive policy does not prevent migration; it only redirects it. Such prohibition also alters the ways migrants or refugees adapt and find niches in host societies, and it conditions the relations to their families at ‘home’, their sense of belonging and their identities.

The conference takes its point of departure in the complex relation between migration and development with the aim to challenge and broaden our understanding of contemporary migration for its connections to the processes and practices of development, citizenship, social change and aid and humanitarian intervention. The aim is to understand how these migrations produce new practices and conceptions of citizenship and what this means for migrant groups and host communities, as well as for public policies in origin, host and transit countries.

Researchers on these issues, as well as social workers, policy-makers and development practitioners, are invited to submit panel proposals for the 2018 APAD Conference on Migration-Development-Citizenship nexus. Submissions in French and English and from all disciplines in social science and humanities, with a focus on in-depth empirical research, are welcome.

The Conference and the Panels

This APAD conference seeks to stimulate research around this specific field of research at the intersection between migration, international development and citizenship and to promote exchanges between academic knowledge, development practitioners and the governance of migrations.

The organizing committee welcomes thematic panels, workshops and roundtables on any of the above-mentioned issues.

Panels will gather 4 communications around a specific issue. Panel proposals can explore diverse dimension of the migration/development/citizenship nexus. They can focus on home, transit as well as host countries and places, on the way specific migrant groups move and share links with these different spaces, or on the policies and practices of institutions (at local, national or international level) toward migrants, as well as ordinary citizens’ practices.

The keynote speakers will explore of how discourses, regulation and law produce political and social categories of good and bad migrants, locals and outsiders, of enfranchised and legal minors, of citizens and strangers and how these categories are contested, negotiated or, on the contrary, reproduced by mundane practices, social movements and political claims.

A round table will gather scholars, policy makers as well as practitioners, from North and South, in order to discuss the results and political implications of the conference.

The organizers would also like to invite visual anthropologists and film-makers to propose panels or submit films for public screenings.

Authors will have the possibility to submit their written communication to Anthropology & development, APAD peer-reviewed bilingual journal, to other academic journals and in an edited book. Policy briefs in French and English will sum up some results of the conference.

Practical Information

All panel organizers must submit an outline and a call for paper of max. 600 words. The proposal must contain the name, email and institutional affiliation and position of panel conveyor(s). It can include bibliographical suggestions. It has to be send by email no later than 15th June 2017 to the organizing committee at conference2018[at]

The scientific committee will inform panel conveyors about the result of panels selection on 15th August 2017.

The call for papers for the different panels will be launched by Conference organizing committee and panel conveyors at 1st September.

Deadline for communication abstracts is 15th October 2017.

Panel conveyors will select the abstracts and propose a full programme of their panel for the 15th November 2017. Panel programs will be evaluated by the scientific committee.

Full communication papers are required for April 2018, for inclusion on website.

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