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The bibliography of folklore studies (IVB) providing monographs and articles, up to now was accessible only as a printed version.

In cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volksunde (DGV) and the University of Bremen EVIFA makes the data of the IVB from 1985 to 1998 available online.


creator Auðun Bragi Sveinsson
title Meðan íslensk tunga er töluð
translated title [While the Icelandic language is spoken]
Heima er bezt
place of publication, publisher Akureyri
year of publication 1994
pages 193-196
ISSN, ISBN, URL: ISSN: 1562-3289
systematics:Sprache > Allgemeines
subject keywords: Sprache
geographical keywords: Island
person keywords:

IN: In: Heima er bezt
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