Digitizing anthropological and folklore journals

The Humboldt University Library is currently digitizing eight German anthropological journals.

The digitization-project is financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and has started in September 2013. During the next two years the following significant anthropological journals will be digitized and presented online:

  • Globus (1862-1910)

  • Anthropos (1906-heute)

  • Zeitschrift für Ethnologie (1869-heute)

  • Zeitschrift für Völkerpsychologie (1860-1890)

  • Zeitschrift des Vereins für Volkskunde (1891-1928)

  • Zeitschrift für Volkskunde (1929-heute)

  • Deutsches Jahrbuch für Volkskunde (1955-1969)

  • Jahrbuch für Volkskunde und Kulturgeschichte (1973-1989)

The aim is to concentrate all issues in one retrieval tool, digitized in good quality and edited by an OCR-software (Optical Character Recognition) to reflect the full content of the documents, some of them printed in old German black letter Fraktur.

In addition it has been possible to agree with the responsible editors, publishers and collecting societies on digitizing material that is still protected by copyright, which will allow even contemporary issues to be presented online.

The result will be a unique and free collection of 140 years of German research in anthropology and folklore studies.

The journals that will be digitized have been selected in cooperation with scientists from the two German professional associations concerned, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (DGV) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkskunde (dgv), from anthropological museums and research institutes.

The presentation platform for the digitized journals is still under construction. First results can be seen here.

The project is part of the work for the Special Subject Collection Folklore Studies and Social Anthropology at the Humboldt University Library. Since 1998 the DFG has been supporting the library in purchasing international literature for both areas of research.


For further information please contact:


Michael Bärtl

E-Mail: michal.baertl[at]ub.hu-berlin.de


Matthias Harbeck